Creativity + Innovation


“The i-CONCEPT ALT is based on the main pillar of our Living Lab: the process of collective creation.”

It is aimed at producers and creative teams who want to maximize the benefits of their creativity, ideas and content. The i-CONCEPT ALT is applicable to any stage of the creative process. We can address it from the more generic idea up to scripts, storyboards, treatments, specific formats, pilot programs and so on. The collective creation is based on the method of dynamic iterations CEX3 ( remembering the primary essence of the Cadavre Exquis model ). During each round, the the community of participants is observed by a group of experts, which after analyse them, are able to generate a detailed report full of proposals,thoughts and questions, respecting the prerequisites set by the client’s order.

The Parc Audiovisual offers to ALT’s project’s a whole bunch of “state of the art” amenities . It’s the stage of the I-PRODUCTION . Customers can enjoy, for example, of four labs/soundproof stages of 1260, 1200, 600 and 410 m2, a virtual stage, a talent incubator and so on.

To achieve the entire assurance of an audiovisual production’s results, the ALT accompanies the producers and creative teams with the i-TESTING, in collaboration with demoscopic companies, we test audiovisual products on potential audiences