Creativity + Innovation


“The ALT creates customized strategies to accompany the creative teams and audiovisual producers in developing content ideas. The ALT seeks to provide tools and professional support to the audiovisual producers, saving time and money ”

There is an interest in developing as new talent as well as to consolidate products that have not yet reached the market. This gives value to the organization in achieving optimization, saving and in many cases, the reduction of resources (time, cost, etc.). ALT reaches the succes by using innovative techniques and methodologies to suit each case and with mesurable results. ALT provides the following solutions: – Advising and monitoring of audiovisual projects – Career Guidance in the audiovisual sector – Qualitative training in audiovisual area – Innovative methodologies and collective creation processes – Laboratory of audiovisual developing – Platform R & D – Specialized Courses – An audiovisual community that explores, for example, the audiovisual narrative and its frontiers