Creativity + Innovation


The i-CONCEPT drifts from the philosophy of the Living Lab and that’s to be a "living process". The product comprises the following steps:

1) A producer or a creative team has an idea (make a film, tv series, video games, a commercial, etc.). And although they are capable of produce it, they haven’t the resources (human resources, fund …) enough to develop it to the best (and have the maximum benefits). Finally, they decide to come to the ALT facilites to explain their project.

2) The ALT’s team prepares a collective creation process, in order to observe and analyze the idea with the groups of participants (citizens that work in a “blind manner”) and raise proposals to develop the customer’s order as good as possible (over 300 in a first iteration)

3) A detailed report is delivered to the customer with all the proposals deeply developed and in order to launch the project with the more optimal solutions.

4) If the customer wants to delve into a subject of the report, the ALT’s team is going to design a new specifical-adapted process of collective creation, now with the new objectives defined by the customer. The result is a new report that proposes other viable ways to face the project.

For sure, the customer has always the “final cut” of the solutions. You can choose, decide, reject, change, adapt… ALT is just a tool that gives since bright ideas until successful ways to make them real.