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BLACK TRAIN FILMS faces a unique challenge: not only by explaining the history of a bunch of heroic sportmens but also, by showing a wonderful example of what a human can reach. And the team of Black Train even wants to go far beyond. Meanwhile, ALT is trying to give them a little help – a speck of light – to the Unstoppables

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Television of Catalonia launches the program “TEACHERS”

What does to be a teacher? … And be a GOOD teacher? The New Formats Department of the Catalan Television decided to produce, one year ago, a program about it: an experimental DocuSoap about a sensitive topic, and not only to face the troubles but also giving some answers.

And at that time, ALT has had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the challenge. It consisted in applying the i-Concept methodology in the pre-production stage (and the collective creation of the product). The whole team of ALT has worked together with a dozen of citizens. We invited them to “play and play” (as part of the metodology)… Meanwhile, several qualified observers watched them, in order to harvesting the ideas related with the main goal (and confidential) of the Producers and the wished type of program . The result was a large report, with more than 300 immediatly applicable proposals and an evident and mesurable time saving. It was just the first step. After it, the TV program grew up in hands of the responsibles until now, when it has taken off with high rates of audience (19.9% the first chapter).

The program website

Audiovisual language in the schools

ALT has faced an existing lack of our local students: they receive tons of audiovisual messages, but they ignore how to read them properly. The area of actuation was a population of more than 200.000 inhabitants, therefore, it was almost impossible to teach individually to every scholar. Finally, the decision was to “teach the teachers”. Simply, the professionals of the ALT played the role of audiovisual language’s teachers. They gave them just some basis, the necessary to survive (and express yourself) in a media world. And after it, the teachers were those who had to deal with the hardest mission: transfer these knowledge to the students. But thanks to these twenty “brave entrepreneurs” more than 1000 students were involved in the writing of scripts, pre-producing short films and finally, showing astonishing movies!! The wonderful results were exhibited during two film festivals.

ALT has accomplished one of the most worthy and valuable of its goals: give to the young people an useful tool to understand the media world where they are immersed.


Panzer Chocolate

A unique experiment: the WWII, nazies, zombies… and just one hero.
FILMUTEA dares to unearth one dark secret and the result is the first spanish Transmedia Movie. ALT has made possible one face of this vanguardist dice: a totally playable level of the Videogame that will take part of our world … very, very, soon.