Creativity + Innovation

What is ALT?

“For the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, the world does not end in the audiovisual recordings. For this reason, we have faced new challenges, for example, with the creation of the ALT – Audiovisual LivingLab Terrassa-. An unique experience in the audiovisual production.”

ALT serves the purpose of putting together the audiovisual industry and citizenship. Therefore, ALT wants to be a place for interaction and dialogue between the visual and industrial design. This implies a way to transform creativity into an audiovisual asset, in order to converge production and talent, being capable of generating economic growth .The keynote is that ALT is focused on the collective creation and can help realize the audiovisual future success, saving time and money.

The advantages of this inspiring and multidisciplinary environment are not limited to development of new audiovisual content or prototypes of products, but extends to the generation of ideas, the extension of a creative dialogue, and awareness about the potential contributions of ALT’s partners in the audiovisual challenges of our time.

The fact of having a space for innovation audiovisual like Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya – within the Terrassa Area and its citizenship’s participation -, promotes the transfer of know how between the talent agents and the audiovisual production companies. The Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya supports – via the ALT -, all kind of producers, creative teams, observers, staff … in the achievement of its objectives and with the commitment to innovation and economical sustainibility as a strategical points.

In addition, ALT has been financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain. This has allowed the construction of new laboratories in the Parc Audiovisual as well as increase their production capacity . The project has costed 4.9 million euros.

In May of 2011, ALT became part of the European Network of Living Labs -Enoll, that integrates cities like Helsinki, Amsterdam, London, Trento, Manchester, etc.