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Television of Catalonia launches the program “TEACHERS”

What does to be a teacher? … And be a GOOD teacher? The New Formats Department of the Catalan Television decided to produce, one year ago, a program about it: an experimental DocuSoap about a sensitive topic, and not only to face the troubles but also giving some answers.

And at that time, ALT has had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the challenge. It consisted in applying the i-Concept methodology in the pre-production stage (and the collective creation of the product). The whole team of ALT has worked together with a dozen of citizens. We invited them to “play and play” (as part of the metodology)… Meanwhile, several qualified observers watched them, in order to harvesting the ideas related with the main goal (and confidential) of the Producers and the wished type of program . The result was a large report, with more than 300 immediatly applicable proposals and an evident and mesurable time saving. It was just the first step. After it, the TV program grew up in hands of the responsibles until now, when it has taken off with high rates of audience (19.9% the first chapter).

The program website